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Here are just a few noteworthy outcomes from Randy's career as a criminal defense attorney:

Outright Acquittal in Burger King Murder

Man accused of choking and viciously beating an elderly man to death just outside the bathroom of the Waianae Burger King is charged with Murder. On cross-examination, Hironaka discredits an employee of the restaurant who was an eyewitness to the confrontation. In closing, Hironaka argues self-defense and lack of intent, and convinces the jury to bypass the lesser-included offense of Manslaughter, and wins an outright Not Guilty verdict for his client.

Enlisted Man Acquitted of Sexual Assault Charges

Military man is wrongfully accused of raping and molesting a friend's underage daughter. Charged with five counts of Sexual Assault, and facing not only dishonorable discharge from the United States military, but lifetime registration as a sex offender as well, Hironaka garners Not Guilty verdicts on every count.

Small Business Owner Stabs Man in Self-Defense

Waipahu small business owner who stabbed an acquaintance in the chest with a knife, causing a serious injury requiring surgery, is charged with Assault in the First Degree. Despite business owner's lack of any visible injuries, Hironaka argues that he was acting in self-defense, should not be found guilty of even misdemeanor Assault, and gains a complete Not Guilty verdict.

Sex Assault Case Against Three Young Girls Dismissed

Accused of raping and molesting his girlfriend's three young daughters, a local man is charged with eleven counts of Sexual Assault. Despite emotional testimony from all three girls, and testimony by an expert witness for the prosecution, Hironaka deadlocks the jury. The "hung jury" subsequently leads to a dismissal of all the charges.

Man Accused of Molesting Wife's Niece Not Guilty

Man charged with three counts of Sexual Assault in the Third Degree after accusation that he molested his wife's teenage niece in a hot tub. Hironaka renders accuser's story uncredible after cross-examination. Jury agrees and delivers a quick Not Guilty verdict on all three counts.

Woman Sitting on Drugs in Her Car Acquitted

After being pulled over by the police, it is discovered that a woman is sitting on a packet of methamphetamine in her own car. Despite testimony from the police officers that she tried to leave the scene after climbing over to the passenger side of the car, Hironaka argues that she was not in possession of the drugs in her own car. The jury agrees and finds her Not Guilty.

Brass Knuckles Assault at Waikiki Payless

Caught in an emotional love-triangle, young man goes to Waikiki Payless ShoeSource where his ex-girlfriend's new love interest works. Accused of inflicting a brutal, bloody beating with a pair of brass knuckles, man is charged with felony Assault. Despite testimony from eyewitnesses, Hironaka convinces jury to find man guilty of only misdemeanor Assault.

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