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Personal Bankruptcy

At Miyoshi & Hironaka, Philip Miyoshi can help you get a fresh start through Bankruptcy. Have you lost your job and have no way to pay your bills? Are you paying the minimums on your credit cards but unable to make ends meet? Have you already tried credit counseling, but still can't make ends meet? Are you being hounded by collectors? Are you being sued by your creditors (or companies you never heard of on old debts you thought had been written off)? Are your wages being garnished? Has a foreclosure case been started against you? If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, a bankruptcy filing may be the solution to help you get a fresh start from your debt.

Chapter 7 (Liquidation)

A chapter 7 bankruptcy is a way to legally wipe out most types of debts (subject to certain exceptions). Only a bankruptcy filing will immediately stop your creditors from harassing you -- and stop them from going forward with lawsuits or judgment enforcement, such as wage garnishment or bank levies. It will also stop any pending wage garnishment. There are alternatives to bankruptcy that Philip can discuss with you in a free, no-obligation consultation. However, a repayment plan through a credit counseling program or a debt consolidation only works if your creditors agree. Bankruptcy, on the other hand, gives you relief from your debts and a fresh start whether your creditors agree or not.

Chapter 13

Save your house or apartment, save your car -- Chapter 13 lets you cure arrears (past due debt) over time in a repayment plan. Philip is also experienced in chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. He can work with you to prepare a realistic chapter 13 plan that will let you keep your assets and pay off your creditors over time. Depending on your income, assets and type of debts, you may only be required to pay a small percentage of the debts you owe.

At Miyoshi & Hironaka, we believe each client, and their situation, is unique and deserves to be treated that way. We provide individualized service and attention to each of our clients. At our firm, you meet with, and your questions are answered by, an attorney, not a paralegal. Our fees are reasonable and competitive with those of other law firms in Hawai`i. We handle chapter 7 and chapter 13 cases on a flat rate (fixed fee) basis.

We help debtors throughout the Hawaiian Islands. We are experienced with Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Hawai`i.

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